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It is Near

Owen Richard Kindig

For most of its history Christianity has promised blessings for its adherents and curses for those who doubt. 

Now, for the first time in the Church's long reign, questions about the major claims of Christianity are overwhelming the "gospel". 

Is Christianity losing the battle for men's minds? Yes. Is this a tragedy? No. It appears to be the Plan, becoming more clear every day. "It is near" examines the evidence.

Most Christian podcasts seem breathless in their self-defense of "the faith". 
Gotta prove that God exists. Gotta set the record straight. Gotta battle atheism. 
Gotta defend the Bible. Gotta warn people of future wrath.

"It is near" takes a different approach.  First of all, the wrath if almost over. We're living through the "day of his wrath" right now. Just beyond the trouble -- which is aimed at human institutions, especially Christendom, is peace and tranquility that no one dares to hope for. "Even the bad news is good news." Yes, the Bible is true, but events will make that clear soon enough. Yes, there are good reasons to believe there is a God behind all of creation. But he is a much better God than the Church has ever taught its adherents, or explained to the world outside. Much more gracious. With a solution for every human problem, and a refusal to justify the sins of the Church herself. 

The notion of human history that begins in disgrace, is haunted by tragedy, and ends in failure for the masses of mankind, is too outrageous to accept. Time for new messages: for the Christian, we say "Turn away from 'turn or burn.''" For the skeptics, we say, "The half was never told you. Of course there was a screw loose in the Christian "gospel" you heard. Of course the Church burned you and blamed you for leaving a dysfunctional human system. Of course a good God would end human injustice, cure cancer,  protect the planet, and bring people together. And that's exactly what he's about to do." 

The unbelievers' problem has never been with Jesus. He's always been likable enough. It's his Church that stumbles people and makes them look for a non-theocratic explanation of our origins. 

Is it possible that Christians -- those who carry the burden of orthodoxy -- have gotten it partly wrong? Is it possible the Bible's depictions of God and his plans have been misunderstood? Is it possible there is significant "good news" that has been ignored? 

The incredible claim of this podcast is that, in the face of ages of creed wars stacked against us, "when the Bible is more carefully examined, its message is a thousand times more comforting and more sensible than anyone imagined." Our mission is to prove this thesis to be true for non-Christians taught to believe they are responsible for the failures of our "Christian" world; and it is true for sincere Christians who worry about the myriads of people they have been taught will burn in hell -- including, often, their own closest loved ones. 

Could it be that the geopolitical institution we call The Church is itself scheduled for self-destruction? Could it be her followers have been commanded to leave? That Reformation has already been tried and will no longer work? 

Who are the words "Come out of Her, my people" addressed to?  Who is commanded to "Avoid her sins. Escape her judgment"? See Revelation 18.

If you are interested in evidence that God sees, understands, and has good reasons for allowing crazyness to happen in the world he sent his Son to rescue, tune in. 

You may be pleasantly surprised.